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Adham Roushdy

VP/Partner at Mediair Media Agency
2015-03-30 07:13:14

Thank you Ash and team for the great support. Efficient team with care and passion. I am glad to gain Ash as a friend following a job well done in fixing our condo.

Gavin McDonald

Vice President - International Marketing & Sales at Rockworth International
2014-08-19 11:35:11

Hi Ash,
The Portfolio is growing and super impressive! I will pass on your link with pleasure!

Anna Esposito

Financial Service Manager
2014-08-18 13:49:33

Hi Ash I viewed some of the pics, one word “stunning”.

Kaive Wong

Managing Director, Broker of Record, Axon Capital Realty Advisors Inc.
2012-05-07 15:28:07

While I have only served Ash as his Real Estate Broker, I did see his portfolio of architectural work and was impressed by his work. I would think it would be worthwhile to discuss with him any architectural projects you may have in mind.

Hassan Dalal
2011-10-11 19:29:16

I had the pleasure to work with Ash in my prior role as WPR Manager for Cisco in MEA, Ash is a 1st class professional with excellent on-hands experience and a positive attitude, whether the project was small or big, in a modern city or suburb the outcome was always satisfying. I would surely like to work with him again and would comfortably refer him to others looking to deliver Corporate Real Estate Projects in the MEA region.

Oscar Carol
2011-10-02 17:13:02

My pleasure to work with Ash. We collaborated together in delivering few Cisco Telepresence Rooms around the world. Ash's seriousity, professionalism and commitment to the targets made my professional life really easy at that time. For that, I would never doubt in contacting Ash again for some other potential business...who knows? :-) All the best!

Wes Zimnowlodzki
2011-09-28 08:44:36

That was hot summer in Dubai and hot time of project completion phase along with handover to Operation team which I was representing, when I first time meet Ash, who was Project Manager. Immediately become his fan being under influence of his professionalism and calmness with resolving all problems "in minutes" that is great honor for me to know Ash personally and learnt from him, wish everybody to meet Ash and I am sure all be under same impression as me.

Anca Bohotineanu,
2011-08-29 21:18:01

I had the pleasure to work with Ash during the Cisco Dubai relocation project where I was involved as IT project manager. Running a move of over 400 people and setting up from scratch a new building is what Ash managed to do by using to his valuable experience in managing complex projects and keeping a positive attitude when confronted with difficult and challenging situations.

Ash was the heart of the Dubai project, the engine that kept it on track via a well-developed planning which eventually paved the way to a successful implementation. The Dubai relocation would have not gone so smoothly without Ash’s commitment to align all resources involved, his persuasion to keep everyone focused and his remarkable technical knowledge combined with outstanding communication skills. During all stages of the project, I could count on Ash to provide all his support for the IT planning day and night, no matter how busy his schedule was. His team spirit, hard work and focus on achieving best results make him a great choice for all those in search of a partner that will add value to their projects.

Ash Ibrahim
2010-10-26 13:50:18

Thank you Jaison for your hard work.

Peter Felton

Manager, WPR Delivery
Cisco Systems - Capital Program
2010-10-25 06:14:40

Ash, I would just like to acknowledge your long-standing personal commitment to the Dubai project. You have enabled the building to be successfully occupied despite multiple changes in the brief over the 2 year journey and have driven the integration of the CRE into the controls of this complex building. You are on target in completing the Day 2 works. A Big Thank You.