In the tender stage we offer you a summary tender schedule with man hours and quantity histograms upon your request.

After award we offer you a baseline schedule based on your company rates and resources fully loaded with all resources and histograms.

So basically we are on your side starting from tender up till award.

Scope of Service:

Our professional team can help you to develop the time schedule for your company according to its norms and standards. Starting from the Tender Stage (Tender Schedule*) up to the Post Award Stage (Baseline Schedule**), our team develop and update work schedules & reports using the latest version of Primavera Software.

No matter the size of your project is, our experienced team can help. Well reputable and largest contractors had trusted our planners a wide range of construction projects ranging from 2,000,000 USD to 100,000,000 USD.

*Tender Schedule:

Usually developed during tender process (pre-award of contract) and sometimes it’s called “summary schedule” or “master schedule”.

Most commonly, it shows high level activities; (level 1 or level 2 Schedule).

* Baseline Schedule:

Usually developed after contract award to be presented to the project consultant or client for approval.

It should show further break down of activities ( level 3 or level 4). It is required to be very detailed in order to enable monitoring and control over the project.

It is called baseline because it is used as a base (reference) that all actual measurements are compared to, the objective is to be able to determine & report where the project stands in terms of cost and time.

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